Allegro sees boost in sporting goods online category

In recent years, Allegro has gained a strong grip on the e-commerce market in Poland and they are no


5% growth in retail sales for Czech Republic

In February alone, retail sales improved by nearly one whole percentage point which is a 5% increase


E-MTB improvements for Austria

In 2016, we can now see that the e-bike market grew significantly in Austria with a huge contributio


European growth is the target for McFit

Within Germany, McFit has been making huge progress in recent years and they are now set to grow fur


Poland:Iguana planning for huge growth in the years ahead

When it comes to sports clothing and accessories, the Iguana Group has been making huge strides as o


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Foot Science International Ltd

Formthotics - Foot Science
All businesses welcome praise for their products especially if the praise is coming from a customer and that is exactly what has happened for Formthotics this week. This product has been recommended for everyone who finds themselves on their feet all day as a result of their lifestyle or job and now even doctors are prescribing them as a relief strategy.
~ More good news for Formthotics

CAT EYE Co., Ltd

CatEye is the leading manufacturer of cycle computers, lights and reflectors to cyclists in the world
The new Micro Wireless allows you to select the data you want to see on your display and keep it there - no more scrolling through functions.

Roberto Sport srl

Roberto Sport has expanded its comprehensive range of soccer tables, either with or without the coin mechanism, along with billiards tables, Table tennis and hockey tables.
Bar games can be a tricky market to get into nowadays because of the big names that have made themselves known through the years; the main one being Roberto Sports.
~ Roberto Sports Official Table


Fila looks to distribute a wide range of roller skates and accessories for skating to the CE market.
The 2016 edition of ISPO Munich is set to attract some of the world’s biggest sports companies and the newest name to be added to this list is Fila Skates. ISPO Munich will allow manufacturers and sports companies to market their new innovations to interested consumers. Fila Skates will be presenting their new Fila Skates Ice Skate collection set to see them through 2016/2017.
~ Fila Skates to visit ISPO Munich


Giant has continued to grow well beyond its manufacturing roots to become the world’s leading brand of quality bicycles and gear.
2016 Trance 27.5 put through its paces Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine got its hands on the 2016 Trance 27.5 trail bike recently and has reviewed it ahead of the upcoming competitions. The bike was praised for its Maestro suspension design with the writer suggesting that the well-known system knows how to get hearts racing and adrenaline pumping.

Technogym SpA

Technogym is a market leading provide of rehabilitation and fitness equipment.
Rio 2016 Olympics selects Technogym The Technogym finalized an exclusive-supplier contract for the 1st Olympics in history to take place in South America.

Sting International Pty Ltd

Sting the brand positions it self at the cutting edge of combat sports.
Sting specialises in top of the line equipment for fight, combat sports, fitness,exercise and accessories. Our brand name and company thrives on our innovative products which endeavor to direct the market in thinking as well as evolution.

Terraplas plc

World’s No.1 Turf Protection Company
Terraplas is perfect for protecting sensitive turf on football fields, golf courses, together with other outdoor venues. It can also be used as a ventilating substructure for grandstands or other equivalent constructions.

Polar Electro Oy

Heart Rate Monitors and GPS sport watches
Polar has been at the top of the wearable sports and fitness technology market for quite some time and now, they have introduced a completely new ‘Polar Club’ system. With 35 years of experience behind them, Polar has created a training system that can be used by trainers and it helps to build programs through ‘cloud’ technology.
~ New Polar Club for fitness clubs

Rhino's Energy GmbH

rhino has been one of the pioneers in Energy drink markets and has been highly regarded globally since 2001.
Rhino beverages now operate in around 20 countries and use distributors as well as subsidiaries to deliver their products around the globe.
~ Rhino beverages


SHIMANO INC . Is a reputable and well recognize innovator in the Bicycle, Fishing and Winter sports industries.
Shimano has announced their new product to enter the market in the shape of the Shimano Steps MTB. e-MTB’s have received a popular reputation of late because they allow for different abilities of riders and different terrains.
~ Shimano Steps MTB


HEAD is a well known global sports brand manufacturing high quality sports equipment and sports apparel.
The new Rail helmet hasn't been on the market for long but interest is already accumulating after being named on Outside Magazine’s list of ‘Best Bike Accessories of 2016’. Product testers and editors of magazines seem to be loving the new product that has been complimented for its ventilation, comfort and extra features.
~ Rail Helmet wins over critics

CRATONI Helmets GmbH

CRATONI helmets are a globally respected professional partner for Head protection in Sports such as Cycling and Winter Sports.
The Cratoni Allset has been announced as the winner of the ‘best test results in a competitive environment’ winner for helmets. This was a competition in association with ‘best buy’ and the product was described as ‘very good’ which left the company and the consumers of the product both extremely happy.
~ Winner of the best helmet test announced

Bosch eBike Systems

Bosch ebike Systems Product Division supplies the systems and components to generate the power for more then 50 leading European bike manufacturers.
The Yellow Angels of ADAC in Vienna are well used to using eBikes now and the experience and results have been largely positive; as a result, teams in Berlin and Stuttgart are set to follow suit. The two locations in Germany have been kitted out with Bosch Performance models in order to provide a more efficient, flexible and speedy service to road-users.
~ Yellow Angels in Germany to use eBikes


Our go-karts and trampolines assure many years of trouble free playtime fun .
The BERG Champion is the perfect trampoline for all as it offers high-quality springs, in the shape of Goldspring+ models, as well as durability and safety. This new model can be used for years to come as it boasts a thick protective edge and is designed with extra width.
~ BERG Champion Trampoline


Creating spaces utilizing the effects and design of fragrances
Lufthansa airport has made steps to introduce a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for its visitors by using a new blend aroma oil. The change was made at the end of last year and has already seen a number of positive reviews.
~ New aroma for Lufthansa airport

Berghaus Ltd

Berhaus has over 40 years at the cutting edge of innovation and design to develop the best quality outdoor clothing , Rucsacs and footwear on the market.
Berghaus has announced that they will be introducing the new ‘Made Kind’ symbol for it’s products in the summer of 2016. This symbol will signify that a product is made with a very small impact on the environment and also with fabrics intended for high performance and certain technologies.
~ New Made Kind brand for Berghaus

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